Explore Italy

The Mediterranean Paradise

Italy is world-renowned for its incredible cuisine, breathtaking terrain, and elaborate architecture. Its culture is contagious and brings travelers back time after time. Italy is among the most popular travel destinations for good reason. Get to know the historic haven with our curated Italy travel guides.

When to visit?

Italy is magnificent any time of the year depending on where and why you want to visit. Tourists flock to the temperate escape from late spring to early autumn, so if you want to avoid the crowds visit during winter or neighboring months. Tourist-averse travelers may consider where they visit over when they visit.

Where to explore?

Italy is divided into 20 regions, each with their own traditions and cuisines. You may find yourself wanting to explore them all, but you truly need months to do so appropriately. Piedmont and Lombardy are great options for close proximity to the mountains of northern Italy. Tuscany and Umbria are excellent choices for rolling hills, historic towns, and incredible wine. Campania, Sicily, and Liguaria are prime selections for a coastal getaway, though impressive food and coastlines are abundant throughout the country. You really can’t go wrong with any of Italy’s regions. If it’s your first visit, don’t miss Rome – there’s a reason it’s so highly regarded. The city only demands a few days, but it’s easy to spend four or five exploring all its offerings.

How long to stay?

If you had three months to go to any one place, we would recommend Italy… most people don’t have that much free time though, so we recommend a minimum of seven days to see one region plus Rome. If you have more time, you can probably experience two regions in 10 days or three in 14. It’s not a destination you want to rush. There are many sights to see, but the real draw that keeps travelers coming back is the slow culture and the people. For sample itineraries and destination highlights check out our curated Italy travel guides!

Getting around

Italy has an impressive train network for travelers that prefer not to rent a car. If you’re planning to explore remote parts of the countryside a car may be a good choice, but trains and buses can get you most places in the country as well. Plane travel may be ideal for those choosing to visit both the north and south, but you’ll miss the beautiful views.