Explore Thailand

An Umami Adventure

Check out our Thailand travel guides to learn why it’s one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia. In the south, you’ll find an abundance of scenic beaches with limestone cliffs rising out of the water. The north offers mountains, waterfalls, and national parks to explore. Temples are prominent everywhere, as is some of the best food in the world.

When to visit Thailand?

Thailand is rainy, humid, and hot in the summer months, so the best time to visit is from November to March. If you’re a traveler that takes advantage of shoulder seasons, plan to go in November or March. The country is relatively hot year round, and tourist season spikes in the winter months, but there are plenty of less frequented destinations to avoid the crowds.

Where to explore?

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach getaway or a deep dive into Thai culture and cuisine, you will find this Southeast Asian country has plenty to offer. If the limestone cliffs and abundant beaches are your primary interest, southern Thailand is best. For travelers more interested in hiking, biking, and a wide variety of culinary dialects, consider planning most of your travel in northern Thailand. Bangkok operates completely differently than the rest of the country, and with over 12% of the national population inhabiting it, the city is absolutely massive with plenty to explore.

How long to stay in Thailand?

The flight to Thailand from the western hemisphere is long, so most travelers choose to stick around for at least 10 days. A week is usually enough time to explore a single region, but to get a more well-rounded experience of the whole country, we recommend 10-14 days. Be careful though – travelers often find themselves falling in love with Thai food and culture and end up staying much longer or even moving there long-term. Explore our Thailand travel guides and itineraries to plan your trip.

Getting around

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket are long drives from one another, so for region hopping, we recommend plane travel. Private cars or boats can be hired within regions for day trips, and the best form of short-distance local travel is by far an infamous Tuk Tuk – a motorized rickshaw popular across the country.