What is Droptack?

Droptack was founded to help travelers find more information and inspiration about their perspective destinations. We strive to give you the tools to plan a memorable trip without needing to hire a travel agency.

Our articles are written to aid in all stages of planning your vacation, from deciding your destination, to navigating transportation, to breaking down popular dishes and where to find them.

We also produce written content, photography, and videography to inspire adventurers and guide them to destinations we love. We try to cater our content to both active travelers and dreamers.

Our passion for travel started with our first international trips, and Droptack is a tribute to those early days when we were plotting our dream vacations on a map with colored tacks.

Our Mission

Our mission at Droptack is to connect with fellow travelers through our shared passions and to explore the many intricacies of the world.

What to Expect From DropTack

Save Time

Planning a trip can take a lot of time. We do the research and pair that with our experience to help you plan your trip faster.

Save Money

Our curated travel guides are tailored to travelers that want more control over their trip itineraries, and don’t want to hire a travel agent.

Expert Opinions

We’ve compiled first-hand experiences to bring you curated info on the best places to dine, stay, and visit in your destination.

Curated for You

All of our guides are tailored to our core travel types, so whether you crave affordable adventure or a luxury beach resort, our content is made for you.